Retiro neighborhood in buenos Aires Argentina

Retiro neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The neighborhood of Retiro in Buenos Aires Argentina is undoubtedly one of the busiest districts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires together with Constitution and Balvanera (known as "El Once"). The common characteristics of these locations is that they are head of the rail lines that connect the Federal Capital with each of the three cardinal points towards the Great Buenos Aires. Retiro terminal to the north, Constitution terminal to the south and Once to the west side of the suburban belt. It also happens to internal movement of people from the City in relation to the subway lines, Retiro and Constitución headers (both the branch "C"), while the station located in "El Once " is besides lines A and H (the oldest and the newest of Argentina). The volume flow of pedestrians in these three hotspots is supplemented by dozens of city bus lines that diversify their routes both within and towards the outskirts of the city. But it also has the Retiro bus station for long and medium distances, which increases the amount of people passing through in about 100,000 in a daily average. That is why if there is a feature that comes to mind about Retiro in Buenos Aires is to be "The Bus Terminal" of Buenos Aires. But Retiro is not limited only to people to people going back and forward the city: it is also the area with the most luxurious and traditional hotels like the Sheraton and is home to several of the tallest buildings… paradoxically  also has one of the largest poor settlements in the city (La Villa 31).

Retiro neighborhood in Buenos Aires Argentina

Retiro neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Originally Retiro in Buenos Aires Argentina was part of Rio de la Plata. Yes, much of what is now one of the most important neighborhoods of the city is actually land reclaimed from the river. The water used to reach part of the Plaza San Martín. The movement of mud required the construction of the harbor, deposit on this area was what permit this great expansion. 
Among Retiros’ many attractions can be highlighted to the emblematic Torre de los Ingleses, gift of the government of that country to Argentina on anniversary of our country, the totem located in Plaza Canada, offering by the ambassador of that country, the equestrian statue of the General San Martín (the oldest in our country), in the eponymous square, the Monument to the fallen in the Falklands, located on Avenida del Libertador. 
Architecturally also has pieces of historical and aesthetic values of the highest caliber: the Kavanagh Building, Plaza Hotel, San Martín Palace (now the National Foreign Ministry), The Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament, the Peace Palace (now headquarters of the Military Circle) are some representative of the many sites of this unique neighborhood. 
Retiro in Buenos Aires Argentina also has the most famous shopping promenade in the country: Florida Street. Converted into pedestrian at the beginning of last century, this renowned artery is a real step must for every visitor of the city. Not only has many outstanding businesses, it is also a place full of street performers, craft vendors and plenty of newspaper and magazine stands. 
Yesterday, Retiro in Buenos Aires Argentina was the gateway for millions of immigrants. Today it has one of the biggest tourist infrastructure of the city, both in hospitality and services, in addition to its cultural richness.

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