Recoleta neighborhood in buenos Aires Argentina

Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina

If look for the most glamorous and exclusive neighborhood of the city, is without doubt Recoleta in Buenos Aires Argentina. Ever since the late nineteenth century, thanks to the efforts of then-mayor Don Torcuato de Alvear, who draw the street that now has his name, surrounded by the most spectacular residences of its time, Recoleta emerged as the most distinguished place in Capital Federal. Another work that significantly increased the imprint of the neighborhood was filling the bass (the area closest to the Río de la Plata) with land from the excavations that were done in Puerto Madero, to make it a beautifully landscaped area. These improvements (together with the epidemics of yellow fever and cholera that took place in 1871 in the south part of the city) where the facts that convert the farmers place in the more emblematic area of the era.

Recoleta in Buenos Aires Argentina

Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Its popularity and prestige brings the tourist to the structure built for most exclusive levels. The location is the choice for many companies and entities associated with tourism: the more upscale hotels, and sites such as the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires Design Center and National Chambers of Culture are examples of this preference. Other sites that arouse the interest of visitors to the city are the Recoleta Cemetery, the Church Nuestra Señora del Pilar and the National Museum of Fine Arts, all of them very near the most beautiful squares and parks of the city. And as the epicenter of the exclusive tourist movement can be established Recoleta in Buenos Aires Argentina thanks to the very exclusive offer available in Ave Alvear: most renowned jewelry stores in Argentina, the world's most famous brands in apparel , art galleries, museums, private collections ... all surrounded by the most exquisite taste and level.
Recoleta in Buenos Aires Argentina has a weight advantage in addition to those already named and is its location: to the south lies the suburb of San Nicolas (heart of the Buenos Aires stock exchange and the epicenter of the major theaters in the city) and to the north Palermo (Buenos Aires other cultural place and architecturally outstanding). Its proximity to the local Airport Jorge Newbery is also very favorable when it comes to tourist traffic. Undoubtedly, for European and Americans who loves luxury and comfort, Recoleta is the best option.
But the neighborhood of Recoleta is not confined only to the world of tourism. Setting their home, business or professional activity it also has many advantages and benefits in addition to those mentioned above: it has a very high number of options of education in both elementary and high schools, private and public, the best services, high accessibility to the various points of the Federal Capital and the always valuable plus it means to be located in the most exclusive area and in a "live" 24-7 open place.


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