For Sale 3 bedrooms apartment in La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Sale 3 bedrooms apartment in "La Recoleta", Buenos Aires, Argentina

For Sale 3 bedrooms apartment in Recoleta Buenos Aires with a large terrace.
It has 90 square meters in the apartment + 90m2 at the terrace of exclusive use (divided into two areas, one of 30 square meters and the second of 60 square meters.
2 main bedrooms - 1 service bedroom - 2 bathrooms - living room - dining room and a beautiful renovated kitchen.

For Sale 3 bedrooms apartment in Recoleta Buenos Aires

For Sale 3 bedrooms apartment in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Advantages of this 3 bedrooms apartment in Recoleta Buenos Aires:

-Single floor. There are not other units on the same floor.

-Located at the fourth floor of the building looking to the street.

-Low HOA (currently $ 350.00 Argentinean pesos)

-Exclusive use of the two terraces of the building.

-Only five units in the whole building (one neighbor per floor)

living room / lounge

Living room / lounge

Excellent apartment for couples (with or without children) who appreciate hosting parties and barbecue with friends. One of the terraces, as shown in the photographs is equipped to receive a large numbers of guests. Very few departments in this area of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires may have the privilege. This terrace, that we called "social terrace" has approximately 60 square meters. The second terrace has 30 square meters and the current owner uses it more as a service area where dries clothes in at the sun and keep personal items not being use. A total of 90 square meters at the terrace of exclusive use + 90 square meters at the department are enough to leave with comfort. The apartment is on the 4th floor and the terrace is at the 6th. According to the current owner the first owner was the constructor of the building. This person keep for himself the fourth floor instead of the fifth (and last) because of the common problems associated to tops floors of the buildings associated with vicissitudes of climate. Also made it clear from the start that the terrace was exclusively for the owner of the 4th floor (himself at that moment). This feature is duly registered in the condominium papers.  This terrace is also ideal for children to play in a large outdoor space for the teenagers get together with friends without inconveniencing parents.

The 90 square meters, 3 bedrooms’ apartment in Recoleta Buenos Aires, are divided into two bedrooms and service bedroom, a lounge / living, dining room, two bathrooms, a renovated kitchen and a small pre-entry room. The main bedrooms have windows facing the street, the living has a window to air and light the building and the dining room and kitchen have windows to the lung of the building. This styled apartment with parquet wood floors has some wooden designs. With original structure and the renovation completed by the owner two years ago, with its new Art Deco-style wallpaper became and apartment ancient and modern at the same time. Retro-cool property that looks very interesting for young couples who appreciate the old and value their social life.

Photo Gallery:



Kitchen renovated

Kitchen renovated

Living Room

Living Room

lounge Living Room

Lounge - Living Room

office or dining Room

Office or dining room

Dining Room

Dining room

terrace and barbecue

Terrace and barbecue







service bedroom

Service Bedroom


Bathroom 1


Bathroom 2

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