Capital Federal in buenos Aires Argentina

Capital federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Federal Capital of Argentina is actually named The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires – CABA ), which borders the east by the Rio de la Plata and the other cardinal points with the Buenos Aires’ province. It is populated by more than three million souls and together with the Greater Buenos Aires is considered one of the twenty most populated areas of the planet (with an estimated of thirteen million inhabitants). It is the only city in the country to hold autonomy in relation to the province. Because of this feature the Capital Federal of Buenos Aires Argentina (or Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires – CABA ) is at the same level that the provinces itself, depend just of the federal government and is able to elect their own representatives.
Economically it is the lung of Argentina, both in regard to the commercial and financial profile, which is why executives and entrepreneurs on business visit the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires so often; because of this reason services of high standard hotels have a multiple offer to such travelers. But in the tourist industry also stands out considerably, the city offers a multitude of options for those who plan to come on vacation: in the architectural aspect, in its rich historical content, in his powerful intellectual influence (mainly in terms Hispanic and Latin American spectrum) and the very different cultural universe, ranging from music to theater, from fine arts to sports attractions.

Capital Federal in Buenos Aires Argentina

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is by far the one that offers the widest range of services and amenities for those who like to live in an urban center within the entire national territory. The 48 districts of Buenos Aires (resulting from the parishes that were established during the nineteenth century) have very different housing proposals, both in regard to building characteristics, access and services.
The most exclusive residential areas are located in the neighborhoods of Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano and, further south, Puerto Madero. As we move, mainly to the south and west, the costs of renting and buying properties gradually decrease. In areas of high living standards and more modern buildings of great size very few buildings remain low and modest cost (in Puerto Madero, for example, the latter are directly there). These districts are preferred by more affluent families to settle and by large companies to put their head offices in highly strategic positions.

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