Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Situated on the west side of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina is the most populous city of the country, with over three million people. But not it is not the only unique feature: it is also the federal capital of the Republic and one of the twenty largest cities in the western world. It is also a growing and thriving tourist spot: In the last two decades has developed the market through state policies by both the national government and the city government, in pursuit of increasing transit and stay of foreign tourists, mainly from high target, achieving a remarkably successful results.
The city of Buenos Aires was founded in 1536 under the name of Nuestra Señora del Buen Ayre, but few years later, Juan de Garay refounded the city toward the end of the century (1580), and named it as the City of La Santisima Trinidad and Puerto de Santa Maria del Buen Ayre. In the beginning depended on the viceroyalty of Peru, but then consolidated a viceroyalty capital on its own called Río de la Plata. Its strategic importance was vital to the Spanish crown who sat there in their commercial bases and communications across the Atlantic Ocean with its American dependencies.

Buenos Aires in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Argentina has a myriad of options in regard to cultural offers, being this one of its most cherished values by foreign tourists. The vast theatrical proposal in Corrientes Avenue, the huge number of museums and exhibition mostly concentrated in the northern area, the numerous old buildings carefully preserved, or merely rock street of San Telmo or the colorful Caminito in La Boca… all within reach of the tourist, all just minutes away. Moreover, the favorable characteristics of the Rio de la Plata allow the city access to large-sized cruise ships.
The global financial crisis affected the tourism movement in "La Reina del Plata", but speculation of growing says it will recover to reach the highest levels achieved in 2008 to within two years.
Another of the highlights of Buenos Aires Argentina is its vanguard force in design. Recognized by UNESCO in 2005 as the "City of Design", Buenos Aires is a constant flow of talent in the most varied activities. 
The academic institutions also occupies a privileged place within the region. With the National University of Buenos Aires than stronghold, the town hosts hundreds of students from abroad (mainly from South America) to complete professional education here. Private academic institutions are also recognized for excellence in teaching and the level of its facilities.
Of course it is not without difficulties reminiscent of a great city, situated in a developing country, but it is undoubtedly one of the privileged places both to live and to enjoy as a tourist.

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