Barrio Norte neighborhood in buenos Aires Argentina

Barrio Norte neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Before naming the features that account Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina, we need a clarification: this area, despite being known as Barrio Norte (North Neighborhood) is not a neighborhood itself (in fact is not counted among the 48 neighborhoods of the city), it is a sector that comprises part of Retiro and Recoleta neighborhoods.

Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina

Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina owes its name to its location in relation to which was referred as the center of town at a time when the area became popular (late nineteenth century). At that time, a yellow fever epidemic that hit the areas where they were housed the wealthiest families in the city, who were led to favorable economic conditions decided to move, being this sector of the city the chosen one. The migration of these high-born families prompted a unique mutation in Barrio Norte: grew from a small and poor housing to have the largest and most luxurious buildings of its era, standing still in style and class.
Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina is limited by: Coronel Diaz Avenue, Gral Las Heras Avenue, Juncal street, Cerrito street, Cordoba avenue and Mario Bravo street. Santa Fe Avenue is its main artery and crosses this area geographically and is the trade center. In this avenue can be seen hundreds of stores, many of which are official houses of the leading national and global brands. However, unlike other areas of the city, this concentration of business does not mean exclusivity, because in reality almost all (Barrio Norte) North District is a large open air shopping center.
Its composition has two building characteristics clearly marked: in the zone between Retiro and Recoleta This section presents the most distinguished and traditional buildings, with obvious European reminiscence, while the closer we get to the area of Palermo we can observe a marked tendency to modern apartment buildings. Of course, the distinction does not imply exclusivity, but a predominance of one over another.
Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina lacks green spaces in consideration, but merely one of the most important city: Las Heras Park. The same is located in the space that once held the National Penitentiary. The panoramic view offered by this green space of six hectares made the most modern and exclusive properties in the area put their eyes on it. Currently there are almost no areas in which it can build. The most exclusive buildings in the area are: the Tower of the Americas, Art Tower, the Forum Plaza and the Twin Towers of Alto Palermo Plaza.
In the Northern District nightlife clearly prevails. Restaurants, cafes and bars are the owners of the latest and the very early hours.

Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires Argentina offers one of the best alternatives to live or to place a business lwithout giving up being the most popular part of city for tourists

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